Residence Permit and Work PermitWork Permit Application in Turkey

In the grand scheme of globalization and an increasingly mobile workforce Work Permit Application in Turkey is an ever-worried question that comes to our firm frequently by our clients. Istanbul stands as an attractive destination for foreign nationals seeking opportunities for professional growth. However, to legally work in this vibrant city, a work permit is a non-negotiable requirement. This comprehensive guide explores the nuances of obtaining a Turkish work permit, offering insights into the legal landscape and emphasizing the critical role of an Istanbul work permit lawyer in this process.

Work Permit Application in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, straddles two continents and hosts a dynamic blend of cultures. From iconic landmarks and bustling markets to a thriving economy, Istanbul holds immense appeal for individuals seeking to explore new horizons. However, to tap into these opportunities, understanding the city’s immigration laws and regulations becomes paramount.

The Legal Framework: Turkish Immigration Laws

Turkish immigration law, governed by a series of legislations such as; Law no 4875, Law no 6458 and Law no 5901, outlines a set of requirements and procedures for individuals to legally enter and stay in Turkey.

Istanbul Work Permit Lawyer

The complex nature of immigration laws and procedures necessitates the assistance of a lawyer or legal expert. An Istanbul work permit lawyer, with their specialized understanding of immigration law, ensures a smooth and legally compliant immigration process while providing essential legal assistance.

Experienced Istanbul Work Permit Lawyer Is Crucial?

Choosing the right legal partner can significantly influence your journey towards securing a Turkish work permit. An expert Istanbul work permit lawyer can guide you through the legal maze, ensuring all paperwork is correctly completed and submitted on time. They represent you in legal proceedings and liaise with Turkish authorities on your behalf.

Expertise and Personalized Approach

An Istanbul work permit lawyer provides personalized solutions tailored to your specific circumstances, valuing your time and delivering transparent communication throughout your engagement.

Results-Oriented Legal Support

Choosing a results-driven Istanbul work permit lawyer ensures that your work permit application is handled promptly and effectively. Their commitment to achieving positive outcomes for their clients makes them an indispensable partner in your work permit application process.

Turkish Work Permit Application Process in Istanbul

Acquiring a work permit in Istanbul involves various stages and requires attention to detail. The process can be overwhelming, and applicants must ensure they meet the necessary legal requirements.

Stage 1: Job Offer from a Turkish Employer

The first step towards obtaining a Turkish work permit is to secure a job offer from a Turkish employer. This is crucial as the employer plays an integral role in the application process, submitting the initial application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on behalf of the foreign employee.

Stage 2: Application Submission & Assessment

Upon receiving a job offer, the employer submits an application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The Ministry then assesses the application based on a set of criteria.

Stage 3: Work Visa & Work Permit Application

If the initial application is successful, the foreign employee must then apply for a work visa and work permit. The work permit is generally valid for one year when applying for the first time with the same employer, but can be extended if the employee remains with the same employer.

Required Documents for Turkish Work Permit Application in Istanbul

Several documents are required for a work permit application in Istanbul, including:

  • A valid passport
  • A valid residence permit card with an expiration date of more than 6 months
  • A job offer or contract from a Turkish employer
  • Completed application forms
  • Biometric photos
  • Copies of relevant degrees or qualifications

Work Permit Application Law Firm: Istanbul Law Office

Navigating the intricacies of Turkish immigration law requires a deep understanding of the country’s legal system, and this is where the experts at İstanbul Law Office step in. With their in-depth knowledge and experience, they can provide valuable guidance and assistance throughout the immigration process.

Our expert Istanbul work permit lawyers specialize in all aspects of immigration law, including work permit applications, residence permit applications, and citizenship applications. They ensure a smooth and efficient experience, offering comprehensive guidance and delivering results.

Whether you’re looking to apply for a work permit, renew an existing one, or explore other immigration options, our dedicated team at İstanbul Law Office is ready to assist. We handle all aspects of the work permit application process, from initial consultation to application submission, follow-up, and final approval.

Our Services

Our İstanbul Law Office team provides a range of services including:

  • Work Permit Application Assistance
  • Renewal Procedures and Requirements
  • Understanding Conditions and Criteria
  • Costs of Renewal
  • Handling Rejected Applications
  • Appeal Cases and Cancellation of Rejections
  • Exploring Work Permit Types

By entrusting your work permit matters to us, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and a partner who is deeply committed to your success.


Can I work in Istanbul without a work permit?

No, working in Istanbul without a valid work permit is illegal and can result in penalties, including deportation and bans on re-entry.

How long does it take to get a work permit in Istanbul?

The duration can vary depending on specific circumstances. However, it generally takes around 30 days for the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to process a work permit application.

Can I extend my work permit in Istanbul?

Yes, work permits can be extended provided you meet the necessary requirements. The extension application should be submitted at least 60 days before the expiry of the current permit.

Can my family accompany me to Istanbul on a work permit?

Yes, your spouse and dependent children can accompany you to Istanbul if you have a work permit. They will need to apply for a family residence permit after your work permit.


Navigating the work permit application process in Istanbul can be a complex task. However, with the right guidance and legal assistance, it can be a smooth and straightforward process. At İstanbul Law Office, we have a team of experienced lawyers who specialize in Turkish immigration laws and can assist you with the entire work permit application process. Our team is committed to providing you with the highest level of service, ensuring that all your immigration needs are met. If you need further assistance or have any questions about the work permit application process in Istanbul, feel free to contact us.


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