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Successful Crowdfunding in Turkey has emerged as a pivotal leverage for small businesses and startups aiming to bridge financing gaps, optimizing various models like equity-based, debt-based, donation-based, and reward-based funding 1. This financing innovation not only grants access to necessary capital but also serves as a dynamic marketing platform, utilizing the internet to connect with a potential global audience of over a billion people, hence playing a crucial role in product placement and promotion 1.

Through the lens of investors and utilizing crowdfunding examples, this article will dissect the landscape of crowdfunding in Turkey, underscored by the critical factors influencing the success of crowdfunding campaigns such as project presentation, category, and team size 1. Additionally, it will navigate the evolving terrain of crowdfunding platforms which double as social media platforms, facilitating extensive interaction between entrepreneurs and the crowd while offering a streamlined, accessible interface for brainstorming and customer acquisition 1.

Crowdfunding in Turkey

Turkey’s crowdfunding landscape is characterized by a dynamic blend of opportunities and regulatory frameworks designed to foster growth and innovation in the sector. The surge in real estate projects, attracting both local and foreign investors, underscores the diversity and potential of investment opportunities available within the country 2. With a projected transaction value in the crowdfunding market reaching US$16.6m by 2024, the momentum behind this financing model is unmistakable 2. The Turkish government’s supportive stance, evidenced by the introduction of regulations to streamline crowdfunding platform operations, further catalyzes this growth 1. Moreover, the strategic deployment of the Turkish Capital Markets Board’s regulation on equity-crowdfunding, which came into effect in October 2019, facilitates entrepreneurs and SMEs’ access to financing, highlighting the government’s commitment to leveraging crowdfunding as a tool for economic stimulation 34.

  • Government Initiatives and Support:
    • The Turkish government views crowdfunding as a catalyst for economic growth and entrepreneurship, leading to the introduction of supportive regulations 1.
    • The Communiqué on Equity-Based Crowdfunding, effective from October 2019, outlines the terms for raising capital through CMB-accredited platforms, showcasing the government’s direct involvement in fostering a conducive environment for crowdfunding 4.
  • Market Growth and Investor Engagement:
    • Turkey’s crowdfunding market is on an upward trajectory, with a significant increase in transaction value projected for 2024 2.
    • The success of early crowdfunding campaigns has not only built momentum but also attracted a broader base of both domestic and international investors, underscoring the sector’s growing appeal 1.

The evolving regulatory landscape, combined with a young, tech-savvy population eager to support innovative businesses, positions Turkey as a burgeoning hub for crowdfunding activities. This ecosystem is further enriched by the diversity of crowdfunding models, including equity-based and donation-based platforms, which cater to a wide range of financial and investment preferences 110. With the sector’s continued expansion, buoyed by government incentives and increasing awareness among investors, Turkey’s crowdfunding market is poised for sustained growth, offering promising opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike 53.

Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Turkey

In exploring the top crowdfunding platforms in Turkey, it’s essential to highlight the diversity and innovation these platforms offer to both entrepreneurs and investors.

  • Fongogo: Established as Turkey’s premier reward-based crowdfunding platform, Fongogo specializes in art projects, showcasing a unique blend of creativity and financial support. The platform has garnered attention for its comprehensive approach to project success, regional influences, and vibrant supporter dynamics 12.
  • A Crowdsourcing Platform by Eyup Canpolat: Launched in 2017, this platform has quickly risen to prominence, serving over 1,000 customers across 50 countries. It distinguishes itself by connecting businesses with local and international experts, aiming to become a global leader in the business intelligence industry. The platform supports two main campaign types: ‘Crowd Funding’ and ‘Crowd Sourcing,’ making it a versatile option for startups, small businesses, and individuals 13.
  • Airfunding: As a worldwide community focused on raising funds, Airfunding extends its support beyond Turkey, welcoming anyone in need of financial help. With more than 652,000 individuals and NGOs participating, the platform has a strong focus on the Turkish community, working closely with universities, foundations, and NGOs. It also specializes in providing support through training workshops, making it a comprehensive resource for crowdfunding endeavors 14.

Crowdfunding for Women

Navigating Challenges: Crowdfunding for Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs in Turkey confront a multitude of challenges that significantly impede their ability to start and sustain businesses. These barriers are deeply rooted in gender disparities, making it crucial to understand the specific hurdles they face in the crowdfunding ecosystem:

  • Gender-Based Barriers and Representation:
    • Turkey has the lowest rate of women entrepreneurs within the OECD and European countries, highlighting a significant gender gap 15.
    • Women entrepreneurs are predominantly active in sectors like retail trade, scientific and technical services, and information and communication, yet they represent a mere 4 percent of CEOs and 17 percent on boards 16.
  • Financial and Operational Challenges:
    • A staggering 45% of business exits among women entrepreneurs are due to lack of profitability or capital 16.
    • High costs, tax rates, and limited access to finance stand as primary barriers, with only 8 percent benefiting from grant programs 16.
  • Age and Education:
    • The majority of women entrepreneurs are aged between 25 – 34 years, with 61 percent holding university or postgraduate degrees, indicating a highly educated demographic facing systemic challenges 16.

These insights underscore the necessity for targeted support and reforms to create a more inclusive and equitable crowdfunding environment in Turkey, enabling women entrepreneurs to thrive.

How to Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign in Turkey

To launch a successful crowdfunding campaign in Turkey, understanding the nuances of the local market and aligning your strategy accordingly is crucial. Here are key steps and considerations:

  1. Project Presentation and Strategy:
    • Clearly define your project, funding needs, and goals. A compelling mission statement and a clear pitch letter are essential 18.
    • Craft a story that emotionally connects with potential donors. Incorporate an introduction video to enhance engagement 19.
    • Consider the project category, funding type, location, and team size as these factors significantly influence success rates 12.
  2. Building Momentum:
    • Set a specific, achievable monetary goal. Statistics show that the number of backers, frequent updates, and active engagement through comments are significant factors for crowdfunding success in Turkey 6.
    • Utilize social media platforms to spread the word about your campaign. Engaging with your audience can increase consumer confidence, which is crucial in a low inflationary environment 186.
  3. Choosing the Right Platform and Offering Incentives:
    • Select a crowdfunding platform that aligns with your project’s needs. While the new Crowdfunding Regulation in Turkey provides a stable environment for equity and debt-based platforms, reward and donation-based activities are not covered, making platform choice critical 18.
    • Offer incentives for early backers and rewards for donors contributing specific amounts to incentivize participation 19.

By meticulously planning your campaign and engaging with your audience, you can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving your crowdfunding objectives in Turkey.

The Growing Popularity of Crowdfunding in Turkey

The growing popularity of crowdfunding in Turkey can be attributed to its diverse models and the significant advantages it offers, transforming the financial sector by providing innovative funding solutions. Key insights include:

  • Diverse Crowdfunding Models: Equity-based, debt-based, donation-based, and reward-based crowdfunding models cater to a wide range of projects and financial needs, offering flexibility and choice to both entrepreneurs and investors 12.
  • Supporter Dynamics and Project Success Factors:
    • The effectiveness of crowdfunding campaigns in Turkey is influenced by supporter dynamics, which include the level of engagement and the emotional connection between backers and the project 12.
    • The location of the project plays a critical role, with certain regions attracting more support due to their economic or cultural significance 12.
    • Technological literacy among both project creators and supporters enhances the success rate of crowdfunding campaigns by facilitating better communication and understanding of the projects 12.

These elements underscore the transformative potential of crowdfunding in Turkey, making it an increasingly popular choice for funding innovative projects and startups.

Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs in Turkey

Entrepreneurs in Turkey face a multifaceted landscape of challenges that can impact the success of crowdfunding campaigns and business operations. These challenges include:

  • Economic and Regulatory Hurdles:
    1. Economic instability marked by unpredictable policies and regulatory frameworks 21.
    2. A currency crisis, with weakened demand due to a rapidly weakened Turkish Lira (TL), making it difficult for firms to sustain operations 21.
    3. High import costs and interest rate hikes, with the central bank raising rates significantly to combat inflation 21.
  • Operational Challenges:
    1. Complex bureaucracy in business registration and operation, compounded by language barriers for foreign entrepreneurs 22.
    2. The necessity for regulatory compliance and intellectual property protection to avoid legal issues and protect innovations 23.
    3. Cybersecurity risks, emphasizing the importance of securing customer data and business information 23.
  • Financial and Human Resource Challenges:
    1. Access to funding and investment is crucial, with most entrepreneurs relying on venture capitalists or angel investors 23.
    2. Hiring and retaining top talent remains a significant challenge, requiring compliance with employment laws and competitive compensation packages 23.

Understanding these challenges is essential for entrepreneurs aiming to leverage crowdfunding in Turkey, necessitating strategic planning and legal support to navigate the complex business landscape effectively 5212223.


As we have dissected the facets of crowdfunding within the burgeoning Turkish market, it’s clear that its growing popularity and strategic importance afford entrepreneurs and investors alike a fertile ground for growth. Over the course of this article, we’ve navigated through the diverse models of crowdfunding available in Turkey, underscored the vital role of government support and legal frameworks, and highlighted the unique challenges and opportunities that women entrepreneurs face. The significance of selecting the right crowdfunding platform, coupled with an informed, strategic approach to campaign execution, cannot be overstated in maximizing the potential for success.

The implications of these discussions extend far beyond immediate financial aspirations, laying a foundation for a robust and inclusive economic future for Turkey. In light of the complexities presented by the Turkish legal and regulatory environment, and the strategic nuances necessary for crowdfunding success, the avenue of professional legal guidance emerges as crucial. By ensuring adherence to regulations and leveraging legal expertise, entrepreneurs can navigate the rewarding yet intricate landscape of crowdfunding in Turkey more adeptly, ultimately enhancing the efficacy and reach of their ventures. This comprehensive exploration serves not only as a guide but as a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of crowdfunding in Turkey, fostering a sophisticated understanding and encouraging further dialogue and exploration within this promising domain.


How Can You Ensure Your Crowdfunding Campaign is a Success?

To run a successful crowdfunding campaign, it’s essential to establish a clear goal and seek advice from experts in the field. Sharing your business’s story engagingly, particularly through a promotional video, can captivate potential backers. Utilizing your email list and leveraging your personal and professional networks, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, can significantly extend your campaign’s reach.

What Are the Critical Elements for Crowdfunding Success?

A successful crowdfunding campaign is built on several key elements: starting strong by frontloading your campaign, telling a compelling story, producing a high-quality video, maintaining a professional appearance in all aspects, being detailed and specific about your project, rewarding backers for their support, offering rewards at multiple price points, and effectively spreading the word about your campaign.

What Steps Should You Take to Crowdfund Your Business Idea?

To crowdfund your business idea, first, ensure that it is suitable for crowdfunding. Choose the type of crowdfunding that best fits your project and select an appropriate platform. Carefully plan your campaign page and develop a promotional strategy. Stay active and engaged with your backers throughout the campaign and fulfill all promises made during the campaign.

Can You Provide an Example of a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?

One notable example of a successful crowdfunding campaign is Doorvest’s equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder in 2023. Doorvest, a platform for homeownership investment, raised over $5 million from 574 investors, showcasing the growing interest in real estate investment opportunities among the public.


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