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Labor Law

Our law firm, based in İstanbul, boasts extensive experience in delivering exceptional legal services, particularly in the field of labor law. The following sections will delve into our core areas of expertise and how our İstanbul-based law team can be your reliable partner in navigating the complex Turkish legal landscape.

Expertise in Employment/Labor Law

Our employment/labor law practice focuses on serving clients in a wide range of sectors. We provide comprehensive legal solutions from consultancy services, compliance assistance, to handling intricate employment litigation cases.

Employment Contract Consultation

We specialize in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, ensuring they are legally sound and beneficial for both parties involved. Our İstanbul Contract Law Attorney team is proficient in safeguarding the rights of our clients and mitigating potential legal issues.

Day-to-Day Employment Matters

Here is a snapshot of our daily advisory role concerning employment matters. We help our clients navigate the complex labor regulations in Turkey, ensuring they remain compliant and avoid unnecessary legal complications.

Litigation and Mediation Representation

Our attorneys have a strong track record in representing clients in both mediation and litigation proceedings. We aim to resolve disputes amicably, but when litigation becomes inevitable, we provide aggressive representation to protect our clients’ interests.

Work Permits for Non-Turkish Citizens

We have a dedicated team to assist non-Turkish citizens in obtaining work permits. Our attorneys are well-versed with the work permit application process and provide advisory services to ensure a smooth transition for our clients.

Vessel Arrest for Recovery of Seafarer Claims

Our firm is renowned for its swift action in vessel arrest cases. We seek immediate recovery of unpaid seafarer wages/benefits or compensation in cases of accidents involving death or personal injury.

One of our firm’s core strengths is our ability to act swiftly and efficiently in executing vessel arrests for the recovery of seafarer claims. – An İstanbul Law Office Attorney

Why Choose İstanbul Law Office?

Here at İstanbul Law Office, we offer a wide range of services to assist clients with their legal needs. Our team of expert attorneys provides advice, representation, and solutions for various legal matters. Working with us means gaining access to:

  • A team of highly experienced attorneys
  • Swift and efficient legal services
  • Comprehensive legal advice tailored to your needs
  • A dedicated team to handle your legal matters without requiring you to be physically present in Turkey

Navigating the Complex Legal Landscape in Turkey

Legal matters in Turkey can be complicated, particularly for non-residents. Our team of attorneys at İstanbul Law Office can assist our clients without them needing to come to Turkey. We carefully analyze each case and provide tailored solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs.

We invite you to contact us and learn how our team can be of service to you.