Residence Permit and Work Permitİkamet Application in Turkey

İkamet Application in Turkey, a country known for its rich history, mild climate, and natural attractions, has always been a favored destination for tourists. Some visitors, captivated by the country’s charm, choose to prolong their stay and experience the pros and cons of permanent residence in Turkey. This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to apply for an Ikamet, a Turkish residence permit, to legally extend your stay in the country.

Understanding the Ikamet

Ikamet is a residence permit granted to foreigners who intend to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days. There are two types of residence permits in Turkey: short-term (Kısa Dönem İkamet İzni) and long-term (Uzun Dönem İkamet İzni).

Short-term Ikamet

The short-term residence permit is granted to individuals who have a valid reason to stay in Turkey for an extended period.

Types of Short-term İkamet Types

There are several types of İkamet based on the purpose of stay:

  1. Touristic İkamet: This permit can be obtained if the primary purpose of stay is tourism. It is valid for one year and can be obtained directly from the Turkish government’s online migration system.
  2. Student İkamet: If you are enrolled in a Turkish university, this permit allows you to extend your stay in Turkey.
  3. Family İkamet: This permit is granted by virtue of marriage to a Turkish citizen or if you have a Turkish family member.
  4. Real Estate İkamet: If you own real estate in Turkey, you’re eligible for this type of İkamet.
  5. Work Permit İkamet: If you’ve received a job offer in Turkey, this permit allows you to legally work and reside in the country.

Long-term Ikamet

Long-term residence permits are issued to individuals who have continuously resided in Turkey for eight years without spending more than 365 days abroad within the last five years.

Eligibility and Exclusions for Ikamet

Ikamet is not granted to individuals who pose a threat to public safety or order and individuals suffering from diseases that pose a potential threat to public health. Furthermore, Ikamet may be revoked or refused if any conditions for obtaining the permit are not met. This includes situations where the validity period of the passport is shorter than the requested residence permit duration, incorrect purpose indication, presence of a current removal decision or entry ban to Turkey, or submission of false documents.

How to Apply for İkamet

Application for İkamet should be made to the provincial directorate of migration management. The process involves the submission of several documents including an application form, passport, rental agreement or property purchase contract, proof of income, and valid health insurance. Upon submission of the required documents, the applicant is issued a receipt proving the payment of the state fee and the creation of the residency card.

In case of a change in the residential address, the provincial directorate of migration management should be notified within 20 working days. In the event of a move to a different province, a new İkamet must be obtained.

Required Documents for Ikamet Application

The following documents are required for an Ikamet application:

  1. Printed application from the e-İkamet website
  2. A copy of your passport
  3. Notarized rental agreement
  4. Four biometric photos
  5. Copy of the passport of the landlord
  6. Copy of Tany (a document proving ownership of the apartment)
  7. Medical insurance

The status of your residence permit can be checked on the e-İkamet website.

İkamet in Turkish Law

Various laws regulate the process of obtaining İkamet in Turkey. Law no 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection is an important regulation that outlines the rules and procedures for foreigners seeking to live in Turkey. It’s critical to familiarize oneself with these laws to ensure a smooth application process and to avoid any legal complications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Long Does It Take for e-Ikamet Application to be Processed?

The processing time for an e-Ikamet application varies depending on the city. For instance, Istanbul takes 3-4 months, Ankara 2-3 months, while smaller towns and resorts may take less than a month.

2. Can I Apply for an Ikamet from Abroad?

No, currently, residence permit applications are not accepted from abroad.

3. Can I Work in Turkey with an Ikamet?

No, the Ikamet does not give the right to be employed in Turkey. To work in Turkey, a separate work permit must be obtained.

4. What is the Duration of a Short-term Ikamet?

Short-term residence permits can be granted for a maximum of two years.


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