Company EstablishmentAchieve Quick Business Establishment with Fast Company Setup in Istanbul

Achieving quick business establishment is paramount in today’s fast-paced economic landscape, and Istanbul stands as a beacon for fast company setup, thanks to its strategic position that bridges Europe and Asia12. The city not only offers a dynamic environment conducive for startups and rapidly growing companies but also ranks as a prominent location for non-resident company registration12. This unique blend of geographic advantage and vibrant economy makes Istanbul an ideal platform for investors and entrepreneurs aiming for fast company setup23.

In the fast company setup in Istanbul, the prime objectives include navigating through the Turkish Commercial Code regulations efficiently and choosing the appropriate business entity to match the strategic business goals34. The following sections will provide a comprehensive guide on the streamlined process for company registration and setup in Istanbul, ensuring businesses can quickly establish their presence in this thriving market23.

Understanding the Turkish Company Formation Landscape for Fast Company Setup in İstanbul

In navigating the landscape for fast company setup in Istanbul, understanding the regulatory framework and the variety of business entities available is crucial. The Turkish Commercial Code serves as the bedrock for company law, offering a level playing ground for both foreign and local entrepreneurs 6. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Types of Business Entities:
    • Joint Stock Company (AŞ) and Limited Liability Company (LTD) are the most common, with shareholders’ liabilities limited to their capital subscribed 7.
    • Personal Companies (ordinary limited partnerships and collective companies), where shareholders bear personal responsibility for debts 6.
    • Special Entities like Branch Offices and Liaison Offices, catering to foreign companies looking to establish a presence with specific operational freedoms and restrictions 7.
  • Key Considerations:
    • Legal Personality: Companies enjoy a separate legal identity, shielding shareholders from personal liability for company debts, with exceptions in personal companies 6.
    • Registration Process: Equal treatment under the law ensures foreign investors face the same registration procedures as Turkish citizens, emphasizing the importance of legal guidance to streamline the process 6.
  • Supportive Measures:
    • The Turkish government incentivizes entrepreneurship through low tax rates, simplified procedures, and support programs for small and medium-sized enterprises, enhancing the appeal of Istanbul as a business hub 23.

Understanding these elements is instrumental in achieving a fast company setup in Istanbul, leveraging the city’s strategic advantages and supportive business environment.

The Turkish Commercial Code Regulations for Company Setup

The Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) sets a structured framework for fast company setup in Istanbul, ensuring a seamless process for both local and international investors. Key regulations include:

  • Minimum Share Capital Requirements:
    • Joint Stock Company (JSC): 50,000 TRY518.
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC): 10,000 TRY518.
    • No minimum share capital for Commandite and Collective Companies5.
  • Registration and Compliance:
    • Mandatory VAT registration, regardless of turnover or sales volume5.
    • Special permits/licenses may be required based on the business activity and industry5.
    • Establishment process involves company contract preparation, founders’ signatures approval, payment to the Competition Authority, and application for Trade Registry Directorate registration14.
  • Incentives and Legal Framework:
    • Various incentives for foreign investors, including tax exemptions and simplified processes1.
    • Introduction of single-shareholder JSC and single-member LLC, enhancing flexibility in company structure16.
    • Emphasis on corporate governance, transparency, and accountability to inspire investor confidence1617.

These regulations, part of the New Turkish Commercial Code effective from 1st July 2012, aim to modernize corporate governance, promote transparency, and align Turkish business practices with international standards, thereby facilitating a fast company setup in Istanbul1617.

Company Establishment Lawyers in İstanbul

Step-by-Step Guide to Fast Company Setup in Istanbul

Achieving a fast company setup in Istanbul involves a streamlined process that can be completed in just a few steps, especially with the right guidance and preparation. Here’s a concise step-by-step guide tailored for a swift and efficient company registration:

  1. Preparation Phase:
    • Partners’ passport translation and notarization8.
    • Obtaining tax ID numbers for the partners8.
    • Securing Power of Attorney from the partners for company formation8.
  2. Registration Phase:
    • Determining and reserving the company name8.
    • Signing a lease contract for the company’s official address8.
    • Completing online company establishment procedures8.
    • Filing company details and Articles of Incorporation online at the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce8.
    • Submitting all required documents to the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and paying official fees8.
  3. Finalization Phase:
    • Obtaining the company registration certificate8.
    • Notarizing the signature circular at a Notary Public8.
    • Assigning a Power of Attorney to an accountant on behalf of the company8.
    • Opening a company bank account8.

This process, supported by the necessary documentation including notarized passport copies, photos, and a Power of Attorney8, ensures a fast company setup in Istanbul, allowing businesses to quickly start their operations.

Choosing the Right Business Entity

Choosing the right business entity is a crucial step in the fast company setup in Istanbul, with each type of entity offering distinct advantages and considerations. Here’s a comparative overview to aid in decision-making:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
    • Minimum Share Capital: 10,000 Turkish Liras2.
    • Shareholder Liability: Limited to the amount of capital subscribed23.
    • Ease of Share Transfer: Relatively straightforward, making it a popular choice for entrepreneurs23.
  • Joint Stock Company (JSC)
    • Minimum Share Capital: Higher requirements compared to LLC23.
    • Shareholder Liability: Limited to capital investment, but involves more stringent criteria and the necessity of an operating bank account23.
    • Ease of Share Transfer: Offers flexibility in share distribution, suitable for larger investments23.
  • Other Business Structures
    • Sole Proprietorship, Branch & Representation Office: Options for foreign companies and individual entrepreneurs, each with specific operational freedoms and restrictions23.

This comparison underscores the importance of aligning the choice of business entity with the company’s strategic goals, operational needs, and the legal and financial landscape in Turkey.

Legal and Financial Requirements of Company Setup in İstanbul

Navigating Legal and Financial Requirements of Company Setup in İstanbul

Navigating Legal and Financial Requirements for Fast Company Setup in Istanbul involves meticulous attention to various procedural and regulatory aspects. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Legal Documentation and Procedures:
    • Drafting and translating the Memorandum and Articles of Association into Turkish is mandatory, detailing crucial company information such as name, object of activities, and share capital 25.
    • A comprehensive registration process, including obtaining a Tax Identification Number, depositing share capital, and registration with the local Trade Registry, is essential for legal compliance 2.
  • Financial Considerations:
    • Initial costs for incorporation, registration fees, notary fees, legal support, and opening a bank account approximate 2500 EUR 13.
    • Companies must adhere to local law and international financial reporting standards for accounting records, ensuring transparency and accountability 3.
  • Operational Requirements:
    • Payroll services are critical for the efficient calculation and distribution of salaries 5.
    • Tax obligations include a corporate tax rate of 25% for 2021 and 23% for 2022, alongside VAT rates of 1%, 8%, and 18% 13.

Successfully navigating these requirements is facilitated by professional guidance, ensuring a smooth and fast company setup in Istanbul 20.

Steps for Fast Company Setup in Istanbul

For a fast company setup in Istanbul, following a structured sequence of steps ensures efficiency and compliance with Turkish legal requirements. This process typically spans from 1-2 weeks to 2 months, influenced by the company’s complexity and the swift processing of documents121.

Preparatory Steps:

  • Reserve the Company Title: Select and reserve a unique name for the company to avoid any legal issues1.
  • Draft the Articles of Association (AoA): This crucial document outlines the company’s operational framework and governance1.
  • Gather Necessary Documents: Prepare and notarize all required documents, including identification for foreign shareholders1.

Registration Steps:

  • Submit Documents to the Trade Registry Office: This includes the AoA and proof of name reservation1.
  • Acquire the Tax Identification Number and Commercial Registration Certificate: Essential for legal and financial transactions1.
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration: Mandatory for operational legitimacy1.

Operational Steps:

  • License and Permit Applications: Depending on the business activity, specific licenses and permits may be required1.
  • Bank Account Opening: A crucial step for financial transactions and proving financial readiness1.
  • Social Security and Tax Authority Registration: Ensures compliance with Turkish employment and tax laws1.


  • Hiring Employees: Adherence to Turkey’s labor laws is critical, covering contracts, working hours, and benefits1.

This streamlined approach, coupled with professional guidance, can significantly expedite the company setup process in Istanbul, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their business growth1.


Through the detailed examination of establishing a business quickly in Istanbul, we’ve navigated the intricacies of local legal frameworks, corporate regulations, and procedural obligations essential for any ambitious entrepreneur or investor. The article has brought to light how Istanbul’s strategic position, buoyed by supportive government measures and a conducive economic environment, offers a prime landscape for rapid company setup. By distilling the complexities of the Turkish Commercial Code, discussing the variety of available business entities, and highlighting the step-by-step process of company registration, we’ve illustrated a clear path for anyone looking to harness Istanbul’s unparalleled potential for business growth.

As we conclude, it’s crucial to recognize that while the process of setting up a company in Istanbul can be expedited with the right knowledge and preparation, navigating the legal and bureaucratic landscape often requires expert guidance. This is where our team at İstanbul Law Office, with its proficient English and Turkish-speaking attorneys, steps in. Our experience and comprehensive understanding of Turkish law ensure that our clients can establish their businesses swiftly and efficiently, without the necessity of their physical presence in Turkey. We encourage interested entities to consult with our experts to navigate this complex yet rewarding journey seamlessly. For comprehensive legal support and to discover how our team can assist in your business endeavors, please reach out to us via our contact page.


Q: What are the steps to establish a business in Istanbul? A: To set up a business in Istanbul, one must select the desired company type and have the incorporation documents drafted and notarized as per the Companies Law. Following that, a corporate bank account should be opened, and the requisite share capital must be deposited as mandated by law.

Q: What is the most profitable type of business to start in Turkey? A: Tourism Services are among the most profitable businesses in Turkey due to the country’s allure for millions of tourists each year. Businesses such as guided tours, travel planning, or managing Airbnb properties are highly profitable ventures in the Turkish tourism industry.

Q: Is it possible for a foreign individual to establish a business in Turkey? A: Yes, foreigners can start a business from scratch in Turkey or relocate an existing business. They also have the option to purchase shares in already operating Turkish companies and begin profiting from their activities.

Q: How much capital is required to start a business in Turkey as a foreigner? A: Foreign entrepreneurs can fully own a company in Turkey and repatriate their profits without restrictions. The minimum capital required for starting a limited liability company is 50,000 Turkish Lira (TL). This capital must be paid within two years and can be done in up to four installments.


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